There are a dozen countries, plus the state of California, currently available. Here is the list, with word counts and costs. Allow 300 to 400 words per page for print-outs; thus Luxembourg, 2613 words, is about 7 pages. This will vary according to your printer, the print size selected, and so forth. The disclaimer at the foot of each article, incidentally, is not counted in the word-count and is not charged for.

The "updated" field will tell you (obviously) when the last update was posted -- if the date is in bold numerals, it was a major update.

Country / State
Word Count
Austria 3394 FREE 20/01/04
Belgium 3832 FREE 20/01/04
California 6257 FREE 20/01/04
Czech Republic 4231 FREE 20/01/04
France 7918 FREE 20/01/04
Germany 5047 FREE 20/01/04
India 8849 FREE 20/01/04
Luxembourg 2613 FREE 20/01/04
Netherlands 3172 FREE 20/01/04
Poland 4404 FREE 20/01/04
Portugal 4748 FREE 20/01/04
Switzerland 3076 FREE 20/01/04
United Kingdom 8648 FREE 20/01/04

There's also a short story called Elysian Fields which first appeared in two parts in an American magazine in the early 1990s and has subsequently appeared in two British magazines. It's set in Paris a few years before the Euro came in -- I could revise and update it, but it wouldn't improve it -- and it's about a race on the Champs Elysees. It is just over 4000 words long, and you can click below if you want to read it. The film rights are available (there's no harm in hoping!)I think you'll find it worth it if you love motorcycling.

I should add that the whole idea on which the story is based is dangerous, irresponsible and quite hard to resist. Just don't blame me if someone is crazy enough to try it.

Elysian Fields 4000+ FREE


The following countries and states will be added as soon as possible: I've been there, but I haven't written them up yet, or I haven't finished writing them up. In some cases I also want to go back to get more up-to-date information.

After that, I hope to get around to the following countries, in batches. What we can afford will depend on how successful the rest of the site is.

After that, it starts getting difficult.

The following countries will probably not be done in the near future:

These countries are not covered because they are too small: