Within the European Union there are in theory no restrictions on the free movement of goods, though where the practice doesn't match the theory, I have noted it in the county by country guides: for example, the Spanish control on cigarettes.

The allowances for alcohol and tobacco for those arriving from outside the European Union, whether by air, sea or land, are pretty much standardized throughout the EU, as follows:

Then there is an 'other goods' limit (by value) which is normally 175 euros.

I have not bothered to distinguish between the 50 and 60gm allowances for perfume because I think it profoundly unlikely that this will worry one reader in ten thousand.

The above are what I mean when I refer to the 'standard allowances' in the country by country guides. Where there are other restrictions, or where the rules are different, I have noted them.


This information has been verified as far as possible but should not be taken as definitive. You alone are responsible for your safety on a motorcycle (or elsewhere) and should always ride and behave accordingly. Click here for the Official Health Warning.

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